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Ryan’s Republican Tax Scam Throws Out the Babies with the Party

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“This is going to be the new economic challenge for America: people. Baby boomers are retiring — I did my part, but we need to have higher birth rates in this country.”

This two-sentence statement in defense of the Republican Tax Scam by House Speaker Paul Ryan on December 14 is all one needs to critically analyze in order to understand the Republican agenda of attacking the majority of residents in the United States and on planet Earth.

Not-so-coincidently, about the same time Ryan delivered his lets-all-have-more-babies warning, the Trump administration listed its seven deadly words never-to-mention-or-include in the Center for Disease Control budgetary documents for 2018.

Entitlement, Vulnerable, Diversity, Fetus, Transgender

So, let’s first look through the lens of these five deadly words in relation to Ryan’s off-handed more-offspring policy.

People like Ryan and other people and families who have the economic means to reproduce without financial difficulty, don’t have a clue that most people are not so entitled.

Without adding the expenses for higher education, the average cost to raise one child in the U.S. from fetus until age 18 is over $245,000. For many less entitled, more financially vulnerable families, child care alone is a budget buster. A report from Care.com found that more than half of those surveyed spend upward of 10% of household income on child care, and 20% assert spending 25% of their income or more.

The average cost of day care per child, per week is $196. A family with only one child at a full-time day care center pays $10,192 a year.

The average cost of an after-school babysitter is $214 per week. The average family that uses an after-school sitter spends roughly $7,700 per year, assuming a 36-week school year.

The average cost of a nanny is $556 per week. A typical family that pays a nanny for 52 weeks a year will spend a whopping $28,900 on child care over the course of a year.

While substantially raising the current birthrate is a long-term project, the Republican tax scam has other devices at its beckoned call. Since the scam by most economic estimates will raise the national debt a minimum of $1.5 trillion over the next ten years, the next red meat on the Republican chopping block are the government entitlements of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the “personal mandate” to purchase health care insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

So, Ryan, who wants people in all their economic diversity to go forth, combine sperms with eggs, and multiply, he and his Republican co-conspirators will take away health care insurance from an estimated 13 million people, including families with children, and reduce other entitlements from financially vulnerable people, while hardly providing much tax relief in their scam for overall child deductions and the Child and Dependent Care Credit.

And since Ryan and other Republicans seem not to care much about the rights of transgender people, and believe the myth that they don’t or can’t birth children, good riddance to them and all LGBTQ people.

Research-Based, Science-Based

Regarding Trump’s additional deadly words, Ryan emphasized that increasing the population will aid in guaranteeing governmental solvency in the United States. Well, are there any scientific research-based correlations between population growth with quality of life on our planet?

Currently, the world population stands at an estimated 7.59 billion people and growing exponentially every second of every day. At current rates, we will reach well over 9 billion (9,725,000,000) by the year 2050.

In relative terms, the planet did not hold one billion people until as late as 1804. We added each additional billion within consecutively shorter intervals of time: 2 billion in 1927, 3 billion in 1960; 4 billion in 1974; 5 billion in 1987; 6 billion in 1999; 7 billion in 2011.

The Obama White House in 2014 released its National Climate Assessment reporting that our global climate is, in fact, changing, and this is due primarily to human activity, in particular, the burning of fossil fuels.

The Assessment investigated approximately 12,000 professional scientific journal papers on the topic of global climate change, and discovered that in the articles expressing a position on global warming, fully 97% authenticated both the reality of global warming and the certainty that humans are the cause.

Additional studies released since the White House report signed the beginning of the depletion and ultimate total collapse of glaciers in Antarctica, which can continue to raise worldwide sea levels an additional 4 feet. This depletion is now irreversible.

Since Trump took over the Oval Office, he pulled the United States from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, severely gutted regulations on corporations and industries that seriously pollute our water, air, and ground, while reemphasizing fossil fuels and deemphasizing clean energy sources.

Substantially increasing the output of babies even if one holds the financial clout to do so in the United States will certainly do very little to reduce the national debt, but it will, on the other hand, do much to increase our entry onto the list of endangered species.

So Republicans, by passing their tax scam, they may very well be placing their party onto the “endangered” list as well. But, for Paul Ryan, he will finally fulfill his life-long “libertarian” dream of dismantling any remaining remnants of The New Deal and The Great Society in the so-called “deep state.”

Written by Warren Blumenfeld

December 18th, 2017 at 2:36 pm

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